Sunday, February 7, 2010

Interreligious Dialogue Discussion Questions


1. Discuss whether you think Hinduism is changing the western world, or whether the Western World is changing Hinduism.

2. Hinduism has numerous themes that ecological awareness and reverence for the creation. What are these themes and how they established within the tradition?

3. What are some of the important moral and ethical issues Hinduism is facing with regard to modernity? Discuss the issues.

4. How is God pictured in Hinduism? What is the significance of these pictures for interreligious Dialogue?


1. Who is Siddharta Gautama? What effect, if any, does our lack of knowledge about the life of Buddha have on your understanding of his teachings?

2. What are the Four Noble Truths and how are they related to one another?

3. What are the Buddha’s teaching on karma, samsara, and rebirth?

4. What role does meditation play in realizing or understanding emptiness? How does mindfulness help one transcend conventional truth and see the ultimate truth?

5. What is Nirvana? How can it be realized?

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